Raising R28,000 for Khayelitsha girls’ school while climbing two of Africa’s highest mountains!

Girls in vulnerable communities bear the brunt of South Africa’s plethora of socio-economic ills such as poverty, which prevents them from accessing quality education and steaming ahead towards a bright future. Two Cape Town friends, Khayelitsha entrepreneur Mandisi Peter and writer Miriam Mannak, have had enough. Between 28 September and 5 October they are climbing […]

Providing township girls with quality education

Our hearts are melting for the two Capetonians who are intent on risking it all in the name of charity. Mandisi Peter and Miriam Mannak will brave the treacherous and wondrous trails of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya to raise funds for girls’ education. Mandisi is a well-known entrepreneur from Khayelitsha and Miriam is a […]

First Private School for Girls

We are shifting to the times of quality accessible education in underprivileged communities and Molo Mhlaba is evident to that. Their name is derived from the first computer code written in University Computer Science degree programs which is ‘Hello Earth/World’. Molo Mhlaba is a network of Pan-African low fee independent private schools for girls, providing […]