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Overcome barriers to careers in STEM

Africa’s space sector is growing, but will it include marginalized communities? Common criticisms of STEM fields is that they exclude women and people of color. Some organizations in Africa are trying to address these problems. We spoke with Dr. Margherita Molaro, an astrophysics postdoctoral researcher at South Africa’s University of the Western Cape. She is the astronomy program coordinator […]

Reach for the stars

As the world was celebrating 100 years of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) on Tuesday 12 February, a school in Khayelitsha was launching its own astronomy academy. Molo Mhlaba Primary School hosted astronomy day on Tuesday where young girls were taught the planets of the universe, including the movements of the earth and the moon […]

December  13    2018        Founder and Board Member of Molo Mhlaba Athambile Masola.  Pic  Veli Nhlapo/Sowetan
Unique school shaping girls’ future

The future of the South African education landscape is undergoing a radical change and the new buzz word is “disrupting education”, simply meaning alternative education. And a plethora of independent schools is on the rise, giving parents an alternative to the ailing public school system and the excessively costly private schools. In Cape Town’s Khayelitsha […]

Why tackle decolonisation at primary schools and focus on coding?

Athambile Masola “knows what poverty looks like” – the SSP Alum has taken her academic background as a Scholar and Teacher, and opened an all-girl, low-fee private school, Molo Mhlaba, in Khayelitsha, to focus on STEM skills and coding. Why tackle decolonisation at primary schools and focus on coding? “There is decolonisation at universities, but […]

A ray of hope

Khayelitsha’s first low-fee private school for girls Molo Mhlaba believes that people living in poor communities deserve safe, affordable and quality education.   Plagued by escalating crime, poverty and inequality, it was tough to find good education for girls in a safe environment in the Khayelitsha township. This is no longer the case as Molo […]

How Molo Mhlaba School and Fix Forward are making moves

You might have seen reports of the first private girls school to open in Khayelitsha, or read about how Thope Foundation is actively contributing in their society? Molo Mhlaba is giving the youth tools to assist them succeed in their quest for education. In this segment of South Africans Doing Great things, Gugu chats to […]

Raising R28,000 for Khayelitsha girls’ school while climbing two of Africa’s highest mountains!

Girls in vulnerable communities bear the brunt of South Africa’s plethora of socio-economic ills such as poverty, which prevents them from accessing quality education and steaming ahead towards a bright future. Two Cape Town friends, Khayelitsha entrepreneur Mandisi Peter and writer Miriam Mannak, have had enough. Between 28 September and 5 October they are climbing […]

Providing township girls with quality education

Our hearts are melting for the two Capetonians who are intent on risking it all in the name of charity. Mandisi Peter and Miriam Mannak will brave the treacherous and wondrous trails of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya to raise funds for girls’ education. Mandisi is a well-known entrepreneur from Khayelitsha and Miriam is a […]