Providing township girls with quality education

Our hearts are melting for the two Capetonians who are intent on risking it all in the name of charity. Mandisi Peter and Miriam Mannak will brave the treacherous and wondrous trails of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya to raise funds for girls’ education.

Mandisi is a well-known entrepreneur from Khayelitsha and Miriam is a writer. They hope to raise enough money to provide township girls with access to quality and affordable education at Molo Mhlaba (Welcome, World).

A brave effort to get township girls into Molo Mhlaba

Molo Mathiba is Khayelitsha’s first private bilingual girls’ Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (iSTEAM) school.

In fact, the school is the first of its kind in South African townships. Launched in 2017 by Dr Rethabile Sonibare, it was a statement to the establishment that quality education can exist in townships.

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