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Molo Mhlaba is a philanthropic nonprofit school in the heart of Khayelitsha. As Khayelitsha’s first ever girls’ school, Molo Mhlaba’s mission is to ensure that girls living in underserved communities should have safe, affordable, quality education in their communities. We achieve this through the support of our community at large by relying on their generosity and support to continue providing quality education to girls in their communities. Our working wish list is as follows:

Our working wish list is as follows:

  • Students meals for a term estimated at R43 000
  • Montessori teacher training R45 000 X2= R90 000
  • Sponsor a student for a year:
    • School uniform for one learner R2 600
    • Annual School fees for one learner R6 200
  • Operational costs (Rent, electricity and water) R51 000
  • Cleaning Materials R12 000
  • Montessori classroom program materials R120 000 per class
  • Learners educational trip R150 X 95 learners = R14 250
  • Learner transport bursary 5 learners X R350 = R 1750 per month
  • Telephone and Internet R 3676 per month for robotics and coding programme
  • Sport and Fitness classes at R6 000 per month
  • Stationary R12 000 per month for three classes
  • In-kind support
    • Marketing and communications skills
    • Fundraising skills
    • Financial management skills
    • Legal skills

If you would like to find out more email: molo@molomhlaba.org